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Pune Municipal Corporation collects property tax of residential and non-residential properties. PMC collects property tax from all its jurisdiction area. All suburban region of Pune comes under Pune Municipal Corporation and they have to pay their property tax.

In some other parts of Pune, there is a separate body other than Pune Municipal Corporation, which collects property tax from these areas. These bodies are a part of Pune Municipal Corporation. Valuation of property in various areas is done by specific departments.

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Pune is divided in 48 wards. It is done for suitability of Property Tax in Pune. For valuation of property, pmc property tax department plays a vital role. Tax, which is collected, helps in serving citizens of pune in an effective manner. For helping people of Pune in paying their taxes in a better way, online facility is being provided to them. As a result, payment of property tax has increased. Now a person can make payment for their property tax in a hassle free manner.

Pune Property Tax Online

Online web portal of pune municipal corporation property tax helps a person in making timely payment of their taxes. With this facility, you can easily make payment. If a person is already registered with the online portal, then they can make payments by login into their account with help of user id and password. If you are new to this online portal then you can make payments after getting yourself registered with the website. After you receive an ID and password, you can access your account and make the payments. Immediate prints of Challans are available. Before filing your property tax online, valuation is being done. This is a simple and easy process, which is done in the website itself. You just have to complete all necessary information and you will be able to know exact amount of your property tax. Various modes of payment are available for paying your taxes. You can make the payment with help of credit and debit cards and by internet banking.

As Pune Municipal Corporation is online, it is easy for people in making payments. You can easily look for your last payments that have been done by you. You can have a quick printout of previous payments and can keep it in records for future reference. In addition, you can also get your property transferred in name of other people as you wish.  The pmc property tax department follows a different taxable method for taxation of properties. Highest Rent value is kept as base value while calculating tax on property. Receipts are generated online or can be attained via email.

There are varieties of Property Tax in Pune and it changes every year for all properties. Official website of Pune Municipal Corporation holds information related to property taxes. People can also avail discounts by filing their property taxes before time. Any other exception if available can also be attained automatically. An individual can take help from a professional in knowing more about PMC.

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