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Property tax in Hyderabad differs from place to place. Valuation of property is done as per locations of Hyderabad. Size of property plays a major role in deciding rate of tax on property. Online payment of taxes has simplified work in all forms. Now a person will not have to stand in long Q’s for making payment. They can simply get access to website of ghmc property tax and can make the payment in just a few clicks. Identification number is very important while making payments through online methods. Paying taxes online saves a lot of time and energy. making online payments is easy and secure and it helps in assessment of property, calculation of final amount and payment. It has a transparent system of working which helps a person in knowing exactly what they are doing. Complete city of Hyderabad is divided into 18 circles and 5 zones.

Details Required for Online Calculation of Annual Property Tax of Hyderabad

You can easily calculate your taxes online with help of online calculator that is available online on official website of Hyderabad Property Tax. There are various calculations used for calculating property tax. As property tax is different as per size and specifications, it is very important to disclose all these factors so that proper and accurate calculation and valuation is possible. Tax can be calculated in various categories. You can easily check your taxes by visiting if required details mentioned below are available with you.

  • You should know your circle in which you belong.
  • Choose the locality where your property is located.
  • Building Classifications should be mentioned so that rates on which valuation is done can be estimated and measurements should be given in an accurate manner.
  • You should specify which type of property you are having. You should mention if it is a residential or non-residential property or a profit-making property.
  • You should also mention type of profit gained from it. You should also mention what is its type. If it is given on rent, it should be mentioned.
  • Total area of property is to be disclosed so that proper estimation is possible. Complete area should be mentioned in Sqft.
  • Type of building constructed should also be mentioned. This helps in knowing that whether property is constructed lawfully or not. A valid registration is also to be mentioned.
  • You should also mention since many years your property is with you. Age of property is to be mentioned. There are different age brackets that are given and you should choose as per the bracket in which your property fits.
  • “Certificates of occupation” should be mentioned as “YES” or “NO”
  • After filling all entries, you can calculate your tax and have the exact amount of tax on property that is to be paid.

You can get all details regarding your property and you will be able to know any penalties if applicable. It does not take much time in getting a detailed report about property tax.

How to Pay Property Tax Online

It is very easy and simple to make the payment of property tax online. There are different centers of Property Tax in Hyderabad where you can make the payments. Online service is also available for making the payment. Making online payment of property tax is easy and simple. Just a few quick steps can help you in quick payment of your property taxes. You just have to follow the instruction given below for making a successful online payment.

  • Visit online web portal of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
  • Select section of payment and then select option of property tax.
  • Complete details of and User ID should be mentioned for payment of property tax.
  • Select the submit button for estimating value.
  • Select mode of payment by which you want to make your payments.
  • Enter required details and click on pay button for processing.
  • Print the receipt that is generated and store it for future reference.

You can know your circle and unique identification number from the website itself. You can choose your locality and identification pin will be generated to you at an instance. By entering your identification number, you will be able to get all details regarding your property. After getting all details, you can select mode of payment and can make the payment in a easy and quick manner. All debit and credit cards are accepted for payment and use of internet banking is possible.

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