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Every property owner is required to pay his annual levied property tax. The tax is decided on the basis of the net worth of the property in question. For the Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad ( NNG) acquires most of its revenue from property tax itself. The NNG requires all properties situated in their jurisdiction to pay taxes as liable. The tax amount is generated depending upon the type of construction, type of usage, age of the building , value etc. On the basis of these assessments, all residents must pay their due property taxes. The ANNUAL RATABLE VALUE is decided by the NNG for each and every tax zone. For instance, open land plots the tax is decided by the value of the property. Water tax and sewage tax are acquired on an annual basis.

For making informed decisions for the NNG, the GIS revolving property information management system will effectively help managing and monitoring revenues and assets. With advancements in technology, effective decisions shall be foreseeable when the Geographical Information system meets the Property management system.

Property Tax in Ghaziabad

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