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Chennai Municipal Corporation is oldest Municipal Corporation in India. It was established in the year 1688. Property tax in Chennai is controlled and monitored by Chennai Municipal Corporation. CMC is trying hard to make property tax simple in all forms. Chennai is largest city in state of Tamil Nadu, and second largest in India. All types of taxes including property tax are looked after by Chennai Municipal Corporation. Chennai Municipal Corporation revalues rates of property tax, which is levied on various properties including buildings and lands. Final amount is estimated and calculated on basis of annual value and deductions are generated if possible on net value of property. Commissioner of Chennai Municipal Corporation decides rates or values on which property tax is being calculated.

Chennai Corporation Property Tax:

Property tax is the main income source for development of Chennai City. Municipal Corporation of Chennai uses chennai property tax amount for benefiting people of Chennai by providing them with best amenities. Online payment of chennai property tax can be done in a hassle free manner. There are various features, which you can find in Website of Chennai Municipal Corporation. Database of property tax payers is maintained by Chennai Municipal Corporation.

Complete process of chennai corporation property tax payment has been done online which has helped people in filing their property tax in an efficient and timely manner. Rates as per location in Chennai have been done so that a person can select their area in which they are staying and can estimate their property tax. A notice of payment is sent to owner of property so that they can make the payments on time. On some special circumstances, if you think that assessment, which is done, is not appropriate, then you can file a petition with committee of taxation appeals. If due to some reason your petition is cancelled, you can file your request with Chennai Civil Court. You can also approach the commissioner of Municipal Corporation with your request. You can also present your request in front of Municipal Council and District Court. Dates of filing property tax are estimated by CMC.

Earlier there were surveys done for collection of data and valuation of property. However, data that was collected was not appropriate and it consumed a lot of time. Valuation of all properties was not done which caused state government loss. Hence, after this, online payment and valuation was started. By getting this service online, it became easy for a person to make the payments on time in a hassle free way. By getting this service online, it is easy for authorities to maintain database of people paying property tax. With this online facility, you will be able to have all information on property tax, immediate receipts, and payments. Records are maintained properly with help of online property tax payments.

Tax calculator:

Half-Yearly payment of taxes is done in Chennai. You can easily calculate your property tax with help of tax calculator, which is available online with Website of Chennai Municipal Corporation. Tax amount differs from property to property and you can calculate your tax with help of online tax calculator.

For using tax calculator, visit the official website of CMC, fill all required information, and get accurate amount of tax that is to be filled for your property.

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