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Online Payments is the website where you can easily make your online payments. You can easily make payments on bbmp property tax website. Complete details about previous payments can also be checked and downloaded for future reference. Anyhow, all details of previous payments are available on website, but in case you do not find them in your online account, in that case you have to make payment of your property tax by visiting BBPM personally.

With facility of online payment, every detail of your details is auto filled. This is possible on basis of last payment, which is done by you. For making successful payments, you need to have your property ID and password. If you do not have your property id or have forgotten it, then it can be easily retained back.

Where to Pay

You can pay your property tax in Bangalore at bbmp property tax department. You can also pay your taxes at various other centers where payment facilities are available. Various help centers present in your locality where you can make the payments of your property tax. Discount is also available if done on or before a specified time. You can also get a complete list of help centers where you can make payments of your property tax. This list is available on website of BBMP.

Property Tax Calculations for Bangalore

Tenant (rental residential): RV = Rs. 5.00 /sq.ft/month (see Annexure I)

  • Rs. 50000 X 0.90 = Rs. 45000 pa ARV (10% depreciation Annexure III, under 5 years)
  • Rs. 45,000 X 0.2 = Rs. 9000 pa PT (20% of ARV for residential)
  • Rs. 9000 X 1.34 = Rs. 12060 pa Property Tax (additional cess - 34% of property tax ) See Note 1
  • 1000 sq. ft X Rs. 5.00 / = Rs 5000 pm MRV
  • Rs. 5000 X 10 = Rs. 50000 pa ARV ( 2 months deduction for maintenance allowance)

Residential Property (Examples)

Self Occupied Area x RV

  • Rs. 25000 X 0.90 = Rs. 22500 pa ARV (10% depreciation, under 5 years old, see Annexure III)
  • Rs. 22500 X 0.20 = Rs. 4500 pa PT (20% of ARV for residential use)
  • Rs. 4500 X 1.34 = Rs.6030 pa Property Tax (additional cess - 34% of property tax) See Note-1
  • Total Cess of 34% = 10% education cess + 15% health cess + 3% beggary cess + 6% library cess)
  • RV=Rs. 2.50/sq.ft pm (see Annexure I)
  • 1000 sq. ft. X Rs. 2.50 /sq.ft. pm = Rs. 2500 pm (MRV)
  • Rs. 2500 X 10 = Rs. 25000 pa ARV (2 months deduction for maintenance allowance)

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